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Patients Recommend Achilles PT

Alexa B.

"As a patient that has worked with multiple physical therapists across various practices in my lifetime, I can confidently say that Mike Calcagni is far and away the best in the business. He is intuitive, he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and he is creative in his pursuits for his patients' healing - often incorporating innovative therapeutic means that had never been made available to me previously. He is well-respected among the orthopedic community (my physician asked Mike for advice in my treatment after Mike caught something they missed!) and he is dogged in his pursuit of success for his patients. Most impressive to me about Mike is how hard he works to ensure that the exercises, activities, and therapies set forth in his patients' treatment plans are fully customized. There is nothing conventional about how he approaches a patient; he is very kind and generous with his time, energy, and efforts to ensure that each patient has a unique and tailored approach to their care management. Thank you Mike, for making me a success and curing me of my pain and injuries!" 

Mary S.

"I'm a 75 y.o. woman and military wife who has undiagnosed preadolescent S-curve scoliosis until the age of 38. Always extremely active with running, aerobic classes, weights and kids. I wrongly assumed my activities were the reason for the constant backaches that would often send me to physical therapy... I've had many PTs all over the country, a few that have even injured me, so I can honestly say that Michael Calcagni is the best I've ever experienced. Number 1 and most importantly: he listens. Number 2: he is a human being who cares about the pain of every single one of his patients. Number 3: if you can't strengthen a muscle or do an exercise the traditional way, Michael will always find another way for you to accomplish your goal. Lastly, he has a deep knowledge of human physiology. I asked him recently, "How do you know so much about everything?" He answered, "Physical therapy is what I think about 24/7." I feel extremely lucky to have found such knowledgeable and dedicated physical therapist."

Justine R. 

"I have know you for over 9 years for a variety of different injuries/surgeries. I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in physical therapy and all the innovations you have used to make me whole again. I love the concepts that are tailored to me and not with the mindset as a whole by text book. I’m thankful to you introducing dry needling and cupping, especially since you know how much I’m not a fan of pain meds. This is yet another alternative to help me get great results. I’m grateful to have met you and have had the pleasure of being your patient. You are a highly qualified professional in a sea of therapist. Most other PTs look at me as just a number and pages out of a text book on how to treat. I always get 100% from you and you always know my goals! Living!! Golfing, enjoying my life."