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Image by Noah Rosenfield

Golf Performance Evaluation

A golf evaluation consists of a detailed assessment of the players physical capabilities including range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Once baseline movement patterns have been identified the players swing will be filmed and evaluated as well as shot pattern tendencies using the Skytrak golf simulator. Both the players physical and swing data will be saved as a baseline to compare periodically and chart improvement in the players physical capabilities and golf swing.  

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions will build upon the findings from the initial evaluation. The player will be brought though a full fitness routine focused on improving deficits along with manual therapy if needed to help speed up recovery and skill advancement.
Focused areas during follow up sessions:
  • Decreasing pain provoking aspects of the golf swing
  • Improving biomechanics of the golf swing through specific exercises
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Increasing strength
  • Increasing swing speed using the "Speed Stick" weight training system
"I treat golf as a sport. I let others treat it like a hobby."
-Tiger woods
"Fitness plays such an important role in my life, and an integral part of my golf structure."
-Rory McIlroy
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